Large Projects


Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, London

In 1998 within my previous directorship we were commissioned to carry out gilding to many elements of the Albert Memorial. One element being the large sculpture centrepiece: of Prince Albert. This was double gilded to produce an even greater lustre. We also undertook the gilding to the surrounding gates and railings and the gilding of bronze, lead, stone and marble embellishments.


Connaught Hotel, London

In 2008 the hotel was shut for one year and we were commissioned to totally redecorate all the principle rooms; The Grand Central staircase, the banqueting rooms and the Regency Carlos Room. We were to work with leading designer Guy Oliver from Oliver Laws Design Ltd and through his instruction were to carry out extensive Mahogany Graining, Gilding in 23.5 carat Gold Leaf and Palladium Leaf to various architectural mouldings, and the application of many historical colours picked out to the desired scheme.


Claridges Hotel, London

We have recently completed the full decorations to the Main Ballroom, The Mirror Room, The French Salon and The Drawing Room.

The Ground Floor Foyer Restaurant, Entrance and Reception Lobby have all been redecorated and gilded in white gold. We have completed full decoration to many of the Master Suites working alongside leading designers, Guy Oliver India Mahdavi and Charles Robertson of Linley Designs. These works have included full decorations using a traditional 1930’s colour palette, Oak Graining and gilded works using Gold, Palladium and White Gold.


18th Century Folly, Northamptonshire

We have carried out full restoration/decoration to main room of the property and the exquisite Salon. In many areas we carried out paint removal using traditional poultices thus enhancing the delicate and beautifully carved fibrous mouldings and joinery work. The paint palette was chosen in tradition with the original scheme


St Patricks Church, Soho London

In 2010/11 we undertook the task of totally redecorating and cleaning the interior of the church, the ceiling was cleaned, restored and redecorated. The architectural mouldings were stippled and sponged to give the appearance of stone. Existing gilded areas were cleaned and restored and in some areas re-gilded and distressed to match original gilding. Marble and wood Alters cleaned and waxed on completion and all other areas were decorated in traditional colours.